Creator & Performer

An array of pylons sits untouched, waiting for someone to discover it's true nature. Based in proximity, dissonance and curiosity, Dissonics reacts to entities unknown to it through sonic force and light.

Dissonics is a new instrument I created in order to push the use of tension both physically and sonically. I used Arduino and custom built hardware along with Parallax PING ultrasonic range finders to interface with custom and off the shelf software. The data from the range finders was sent to custom made Max/MSP software in order to interpret the data to midi messages and pass that on to software synthesizers. Musically speaking, Dissonics creates music initially in a major scale, giving the audience a fairly pleasant experience. As the performer comes closer to the pylons, the notes being played travel to more and more dissonant places, through a minor, augmented, diminished and finally twelve tone scale. The interaction truly gives the performer a sense of power over the sound, a sort of sonic conjuring. Certain objects that are part of the instrument drastically change the timbre and quality of the sound to truly give it more than just dissonance as part of it's dynamics.